The Things She Gives for the world


She has always been ‘her’

The one who live for others

Who answer their questions

Who’s  there during hardships

Who listens to their shitty rants

Who do what they want

Just to make them happy


She likes seeing the smiles

Which she knew wasn’t all sincere anyway

But she keeps on going

Living with the lingering responsibilities

That shouldn’t have been her to begin with


She isn’t really happy when others are happy

No, she ain’t doing no charity

She never really do it all for the sake of humanity

Just keeping the formalities

“Things are always messed up anyways,” she thought

So why not go with the facade?

With the play that has been going on since too long


She has always been ‘her’

Who puts her own happiness aside

For she thinks it’s all momentary

Who puts her own passion aside

For it is the best for everyone else

Who takes burden of other for her to bear

For she thinks that she’s strong enough

Although she knows her predicaments always lie to her


Despite the life that she lives

She choose to stay

To keep on living with whatever the world offers

By keep giving her all to the world

By knowing that nothing will really get back at all her deeds

Knowing that she has given too much for the sick world

And its sick people

And their infected minds






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